How to Renew a License to Carry in Texas

It is a simple matter to renew a Texas license to carry. The renewal applicant simply needs to submit their renewal application online at the following website:

The renewal applicant does not need to resubmit fingerprints or a photograph. The department will use the fingerprints and photographs already on file. On occasion the fingerprint or photograph quality will not me the State of Texas or Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) requirements. Should such a situation arise the respective government agency will notify the renewal applicant to provide a new set of fingerprints. This notification will include detailed instructions as to where the renewal applicant for Texas license to carry can obtain the proper fingerprints.

The website linked to above will provide detailed instructions as to how to submit a renewal application for a license to carry a handgun. On the website the renewal applicant will be provided with a list of required information including (1) a valid driver’s license or official identification card, (2) a current demographic, address, contact and employment information, (3) a residential and employment information covering the last five years (this is a requirement for new users only), (4) information related to any psychiatric, drug, alcohol or criminal history (this is a requirement for new users only), (5) a valid email address, (6) a valid credit card (this can be either Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). It should also be noted that all fees are non refundable once submitted.

This website is a service allowing a renewal applicant for a license to carry a handgun in the State of Texas. It will allow the renewal applicant to apply, renew and or monitor the status of a handgun license as well as the status of an instructor certification. It is recommended that all renewal applicants peruse the laws defining the procedure and requirements for obtaining a license to carry a handgun in the State of Texas.