News Regarding Texas License to Carry Handguns

There is a movement in the Texas State Legislature is aiming to make it easier to obtain a Texas license to carry a handgun. House Bills 1911 and 375, proposed by the gun lobby, seek to dismantle Texas’ laws regarding obtaining a permit for carrying a loaded handgun in public. Conceivably, the aforementioned bills would streamline the process, essentially making it easy for potentially dangerous people, (that is, violent criminals) to carry loaded handguns in public places. These proposed laws would also allow people to carry loaded handguns in public places with limited or no training in firearm safety.


Under the current state law a person seeking to carry a loaded handgun in public must first obtain a license to carry. To qualify for a license to carry an applicant must be at least twenty-one years of age and have no recent convictions for certain violent crimes or narcotic addictions. Applicants must also complete classroom and live-fire training. Although gun violence remains at high levels in Texas relative to other states the license to carry system works as an important measure to help keep the law abiding citizens of Texas safe. This is especially true for the men and women of law enforcement.

So the question is, why would the Texas state elected officials want to dismantle the gun laws already in place. The Texas Handguns Blog recommends that its readers continue to pressure their lawmakers to recognize that citizens of Texas desire responsible gun laws. Citizens of Texans do not want a return to the wild west. The current permitting system is designed with common sense and respects the Second Amendment while at the same time helping to protect public safety. Texas can ill afford to allow lawmakers to endanger its citizens in order to appease the gun lobby’s agenda.

The Benefits of a Texas License to Carry

Many residents of the state of Texas are interested in obtaining a Texas license to carry for personal protection. Texas is one of the easiest states in the U. S. A. to obtain and carry a firearm legally. Much of this has to do with the history of Texas and the philosophy it espouses regarding individual freedom. The right to be secure in one’s person and to protect one’s self from a potential attack from another hostile person is very close to the hearts of most Texas citizens both in modern times as well as throughout the state’s unique history.


Any resident of the state of Texas can obtain a license to carry a firearm by following the proper procedure as laid out in Texas state law. Because Texas state law is subordinate to Federal law in this particular area, any Texas state regulation as to obtaining and carrying a firearm must conform to Federal law as well. One of the requirements of Texas state law in this area is that the person seeking to obtain a license to carry must have a clean criminal record. This includes felony convictions as well as certain misdemeanor convictions as well.

Carrying a firearm can add a layer of security to a person who is legally licensed to do so. However, the legality of the situation is in actuality a small part of the equation. The other very important part of the equation is that the person carrying the firearm be properly trained to own, operate and maintain a firearm. No small part of this training must include best safety practices. Not being trained in best safety practices can potentially result in very tragic situations. As such the Texas Handguns Blog strongly recommend any reader take this into consideration.